Erza from Fairy Tail Cosplay

Erza from Fairy Tail Cosplay

Tutorial: How to Make Erza

Erza is my favorite character from Fairy Tail. She's strong, resilient, and so strict that it's funny. I feel that I can identify with her because sometimes I'm very strict and bossy too. I'm also a die hard JellalxErza shipper (but have yet to found my Jellal cosplayer).

Wig ($17) - Ebay. It was the cheapest long red wig there. I trimmed the back and bangs.

Top ($4) - Athletic tape. This was really uncomfortable and my boobs felt like they were gonna pop out any moment. I need to use Ace bandages next time.

Pants ($14)
Erza pants
Regular pants pattern. I cut out the yellow flames from yellow fabric, pinned it to the red pants, and then sewed black bias tape on.

Contacts - Dolly+ Grey (same as Vivi's)

Tattoo ($6) - Funimation tattoo set

I borrowed the swords from a friend.

Total Cost: $41

Debut: A-Kon 2012 in Dallas, TX

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