Fubuki, Blizzard of Hell from One Punch Man Cosplay

Fubuki Blizzard of Hell, One Punch Man Cosplay

I love One Punch Man, and she's the only character I can pull off body-wise. Plus, she's such a mean, bitter person that it's funny!

Tutorial: How to Make Fubuki

Wig - Dark green ebay wig that I bought secondhand. I made hot glue wefts from it and hand-sewed the wefts back on to make it thicker. I cut blunt layers into the wig.

Dress - I bought black satin crepe fabric from Joann and modified Simplicity pattern 1551. I made the top higher and added a collar.

Coat - I bought white faux fur from Aliexpress and followed Simplicity pattern 1699. I also added lining and hand-sewed the fur coat onto the lining at the end. I used safety pins to keep this on my shoulder.

Necklace - I bought a double-layered necklace from the store Icing in the mall.

Boots - Bought from thrift store.

Contacts - Puffy 3 Tones Green from

Debut: A-Kon 2016

Progress Photos

  • Dress is based off Simplicity pattern 1551
  • Sleeves
  • Collar with interfacing
  • Jacket: Simplicity pattern 1699
  • Lining for jacket
  • jquery slider plugin
  • Hot glue wefts
Dress is based off Simplicity pattern 15511 Sleeves2 Collar with interfacing3 Jacket: Simplicity pattern 16994 Lining for jacket5 Finished faux fur jacket6 Hot glue wefts7
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