Holo from Spice and Wolf Cosplay

Holo from Spice and Wolf Cosplay

Tutorial: How to Make Holo's Pink Outfit

Holo is my favorite female anime character. She is clever, witty, and she doesn't depend on the lead male, Lawrence, for everything. She even saved Lawrence a number of times. I also love her English accent in the dub. Even though Spice and Wolf isn't mainstream, I was still recognized and complimented at conventions. This is probably my most comfortable costume.

Hair ($30) - Long pumpkin orange wig from ebay seller, Angel-wig. I trimmed the bangs.

Ears ($1) - I bought a stuffed dog from garage sale and took it apart to use the fur to make the ears. I followed beetle91's sewing fox ears tutorial on youtube. I also added tufts of feathers onto the edge because all foxes have white tufts of fur coming from inside their ears. I sewed 2 hair clips onto the bottom of the ears.

Tail ($50) - Etsy store joecifur
Edit Dec. 2011 ($5) - Sewed long white fur onto the short fur.

Top - I altered a top that I already owned.
Edit Dec. 2011 ($7) - Remade the top using broadcloth.

Pants - I altered some black pants I already owned.

Small red bag - I hand sewed the bag from my brother's old clothes.

Red slash ($1) - I used cloth from a red curtain that I bought from a garage sale.

Jewel - Made with modeling clay and painted with acrylic. Attaches to slash with a hair clip.

Cloak ($5) - I brought brown cloth from Wal-mart and sewed the cloak.

Shoes - Brown shoes that I already owned

Eyes ($25) - Dolly+ Red lens from

Total Cost: $93

Debut: Mechacon 2011 in New Orleans, LA

Progress Photos

hair clips on bottom of ear Fox ears Top Jewel

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Cosplayers: DrifterFreed as Lawrence



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