Nami - Whole Cake Island Arc, One Piece Cosplay

Nami Whole Cake Island

I really wanted to make a maid cosplay with big boobs, so I was elated when I saw Nami's new outfit!

Tutorial: How to Make Nami, Whole Cake Island Maid Outfit

Wig - Arda Silky Luthien in Amber (sister color to Pumpkin)

Top - I used a regular shirt pattern, and made it 2X wider. Then I sewed elastic onto the neck opening. The sleeves are puffed sleeves with elastic sewn onto the ends.

Dress - I made a full circle skirt and a rectangle for the waist area. I followed Yumi King's corset tutorial. I also added a fishline hem to the dress.

Hat - Black derby hat on Amazon

Climatact - I used PVC pipe as a base and cut it into 3 pieces. The ends of the middle piece has a round part. I made the round part by wrapping aluminum foil over a PVC connector several times until it looked spherical. I also added glue to the inside of the aluminum foil. Then I added masking tape and Creative Paperclay. After the clay dried, I painted gesso on it. Then I attached it to the other PVC pipes. I spray painted primer and white on everything. Then I added painter's tape in small strips on the middle piece, and painted orange acrylic. I had to mix yellow with orange to get the exact shade of orange that I wanted. Then I sealed everything with floor wax.

Bow - Just a regular bow. I added stiffening to the main piece so it wouldn't be too floppy.

Debut: Photoshoot only

Progress Photos

  • Outline of top. It must be around 2X wider to start with.
  • Top before adding elastic
  • Adding elastic to sleeve for a puffed sleeve
  • Skirt main piece
  • carousel bootstrap
  • Adding eyelets to skirt
  • Climatact with PVC pipe and paperclay
Outline of top. It must be around 2X wider to start with.1 Top before adding elastic2 Adding elastic to sleeve for a puffed sleeve3 Skirt main piece4 Adding fishline hem to skirt5 Adding eyelets to skirt6 Adding eyelets to skirt7
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