Here is my write-up on how I do each cosplay. I've included a mini-tutorial: cost of materials, short description of my process, and progress photos. If you still have any questions, feel free to at email me at, or message me on my Facebook page. For more detailed tutorials, check out my tutorial section.


Tohru Nami Sanji Swim Swim Maya Fey Saber Kae


Nami mink Mitsuki Nase Diane Hiyori Hiyori Nami Fubuki Judy Asuna Stocking Sora Shirayuki


Serena Go Go Tomago Orihime Inoue Ex-Keine Yang Asuna Undine Utau from Shugo Chara Rena from Higurashi


Chi Chi Psylocke Dancer Morgiana DPrincess Sakura Yuna FFX Batgirl from Batman Asuna from SAO


Holo from Spice&Wolf Freya from Chobits Female Ranma from Ranma 1/2 Kushina from Naruto Nami from One Piece Morgiana from Magi Asuna from Sword Art Online Cosplay Asuna from Sword Art Online Cosplay Yuki from Melancholy of Haruhi Cosplay Kagura from Fruits Basket


Nami from One Piece Cosplay Vivi from One Piece Cosplay Erza from Fairy Tail Cosplay Kikyo from Inuyasha Cosplay Rukia from Bleach Cosplay Vulpix from Pokemon Cosplay Holo from Spice and Wolf Cosplay


Holo from Spice and Wolf Cosplay Leafeon gijinka from Pokemon Cosplay Konan from Naruto Cosplay Taiwan from Hetalia Cosplay


Mio from K-ON! Cosplay

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