Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online

Asuna from SAO

Asuna is my favorite character from Sword Art Online. She's strong, independent, and can cook too! I saw some really cute cosplays of Asuna's cooking outfit, so I wanted to make it too.

Wig - Ebay seller, Beadsweb. I already bought this for the SAO outfit.

Contacts - Geo Starmish Brown Princess Mimi XKP-304. I already bought this for the SAO outfit.

White Top - I took an old white t-shirt, flipped it inside out, cut off the part above the sleeves, and resewed it on with some stuffing inside. I then sewed two red buttons on the middle.

Sleeves ($5) - I bought a seagreen t-shirt from Wal-mart, because I wanted a stretchy fabric, and this was the perfect color. I traced a sleeve from a t-shirt, pinned it onto my mannequin, and then sewed it. I used leftover red fabric to make bias tape, and then sewed that onto the white top. I used red ribbon and put them through holes in the sleeves; I sewed the ribbon into place, and used fray-check on the edges.

Skirt - I took an old shirt, and cut out the skirt pattern. I sewed an elastic waistband on.

Asuna's cooking outfit

Total Cost: $5

Debut: A-Kon 2013

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