Diane, Seven Deadly Sins, Sin of Envy Cosplay

Diane Cosplay

Diane is so cute, and I really love her spunky personality! I also think I can pull her off body-wise.

Diane and Hawk Tutorial

Wig - Arda Chibi in Dark Brown

Gideon - Diane's warhammer tutorial

Orange Suit - 2 yds, yellow-orange lycra fabric from ebay seller Fabricall. I used a free basic swimsuit pattern by Ralph Pink. I used 2 layers of the fabric. There is no zipper. I also made silver crosses from sculpey clay and glued small snap-ons to it. Then I sewed corresponding snap-ons to the collar. This way, I can remove the crosses when I want to wash the costume.

Glove - 0.5 yd, teal fabric from Joann. I traced my hand on it. Then I cut 4 layers out and lined it. I put polyfil inbetween the two linings and added elastic to the top of the glove. I painted round stones from Dollar Tree with gesso and acrylic paint, and glued it onto the glove with fabric glue. It's important to use fabric glue because it is waterproof.

Boot Cover - 1 yd, orange cotton fabric. I used a matching orange cotton to make the boot cover. I also added elastic to the front and back of the shoe to make it a better fit. I added eyelets to the front of the boot cover and slid orange parasol string (Walmart) into it. I sewed the ends of the parasol string with a zig-zag stitch so it would not fray.

Booksack - I cut out a long rectangle and 2 circles and sewed them together. I used 2 buckles as decoration. The booksack closes with a zipper and velcro. I drew the brown circles on with fabric marker.

Hawk plush - 2 yds, pink fleece fabric. I used Nunodoll's stuffed pig tutorial as a base. I just scaled it up. The pink hearts, eyes, and ears are hand-sewn on. I put wire in his tail so it would be swirly, and I put wire and craft foam in his ears so it would be posable. I also stuffed him with polyfil.

Tattoo - I bought tattoo paper from Joann and printed the tattoo out on my inkjet printer. It worked very well.

Contacts - Dolly Eye Blytheye Violet

Debut: Mechacon 2016

Progress Photos

  • Puff sleeve
  • Gray crosses on collar
  • Glove pattern
  • Glove: Polyfil for stuffing
  • Finished glove
  • Boot cover pattern
  • Boot cover
  • Boot cover: elastic for better fit
  • Boot cover: eyelets
  • Boot cover: craft foam piece
  • Boot cover
  • Backpack: fabric marker for details
  • Booksack straps with interfacing
  • Hawk pig plush pattern
  • Hawk's nose
  • simple jquery slider
  • Hawk pig plush
Puff sleeve1 Gray crosses on collar2 Glove pattern3 Glove: Polyfil for stuffing4 Finished glove5 Boot cover pattern6 Boot cover7 Boot cover: elastic for better fit8 Boot cover: eyelets9 Boot cover: craft foam piece10 Boot cover11 Backpack: fabric marker for details12 Booksack straps with interfacing13 Hawk pig plush pattern14 Hawk's nose15 Hawk's handsewn eyes16 Hawk pig plush17
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