Go Go Tomago from Big Hero 6 Cosplay

Go Go (Gogo) Tomago Cosplay

A Disney character that's Asian and an engineering major? (Like me!) Yeah, I gotta do this. I also love her sense of humor. She reminds me of one of my high school classmates, actually. The outfit looked casual and easy to make too.

Tutorial: How to Make GoGo

Wig ($14)- Gogo wig from ebay seller, Goodluck123321. I styled it with got2b freeze spray and fabric glue to keep the ends of the hair together. I used hair pins to help keep certain parts of the hair together.

Jacket (~$15) - I used faux leather fabric and black lining for the fabric, and Simplicity pattern 2313 for the jacket pattern. I cut the pattern a little shorter so that the jacket would be cropped.

Wrist Sweatbands ($6) - Amazon: purple color Suddora Wrist Sweatband and white sweatband from ebay seller, china-town-uk.

Gloves ($7.50)- Leather fingerless glove from ebay seller, Longlifeleather. I shortened the velcro strap so that it would fit better.

Shorts ($3)- Brought shorts from Family Dollar and then sewed a strip of red stretchy fabric on the sides.

Tights ($7.50)- Cropped yoga black tights from ebay seller, Herculespro. I cut holes in the tights, inverted them, and then hand-sewed purple stretchy fabric patches onto the holes.

Contacts - Dolly+ Brown. Already owned from a previous cosplay.

I already owned the shirt, and just used my tennis shoes since it was a close match.

Debut: Mechacon 2015

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  • Wig styling
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