Holo's Merchant's Best Clothes

Holo from Spice and Wolf Cosplay
Photo by White Lily Photography

This is her default dress, so I just had to do it!

Tutorial: How to Make Holo's Blue Outfit

Dress (~$35) - Made as a full circle skirt with elastic. I bought black fur and cut it up into pieces for the trim.

Jacket ($3) - I traced a jacket that I already owned onto drafting paper, then copied it onto fabric and took it in until it fit. It attaches with a shackle.

Top (~$8) - I used a top pattern that I already owned, and drafted sleeves from a blouse I already owned. I cut bias tape in half, and sewed it on the top of the blouse in a zig-zag pattern. It's lined, and there is a zipper in the back. The front cuffs were folded in and ironed down.

Top part

Red braid ($3) - Felt fabric was cut into 3 pieces and then braided. It is attached to a scarf ring that I spray painted silver.

Red sash ($4) - Stretchy fabric that I cut into 3 pieces and then braided. The end is pink felt.

Leg warmers ($5) - I used a child animal suit for the white fur (garage sale) and sewed that onto fake leather fabric. It velcros onto the boots.

Info on wig and tail can be found at my Holo pink outfit page. I already owned the shoes.

Total Cost: $22

Debut: Ikkicon 2013-2014 in Austin, TX

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Photographers: Katheryn Allen Photography


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