Holo's Green Dress

Holo from Spice and Wolf Cosplay

I really like her green dress. It looks quaint and cute, and one of my favorite Holo cosplayers wears it.

Tutorial: How to Make Holo's Green Dress

Dress (~$16) - Made with a tan knit fabric. I used 2 layers of fabric because it was too transparent.

Top part circle skirt

I basically traced a blouse for the top, and used a circle skirt for the dress portion. I sewed a second layer for the skirt too. I wanted the thick trim to stretch along with the original fabric, so I used a dark green knit fabric, sewn on with a zig-zag stitch. I attached a band with velcro for the tail attachment.

Foot bands - Made with non-stretch fabric, and attached with snaps.

Green sash ($6) - Made with non-stretch fabric. I finished the edges and then tried my best to imitate the bow.

Red ball - I pierced holes onto the top and bottom of a red toy ball that my little brother owned, and then pulled the green sash through it.

Info on wig and tail can be found at my Holo pink outfit page

Total Cost: $22

Debut: Louisianime 2012 in Lafayette, LA

Image Gallery

Cosplayers: DrifterFreed as Lawrence



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