Judy Hopps from Zootopia Cosplay

Judy Hopps Cosplay

I fell in love with Judy and the Zootopia world, so I just had to cosplay her! I also wanted to make ears again.

Tutorial: How to Make Judy Hopps

Wig - Bought secondhand in facebook group. I cut it short and hot glued some of the fibers that I cut off into wefts. Then I hand-sewed the hot glue wefts onto the sides of the wig.

Shirt - Stretch jersey shirt from thrift store

Download Judy Hopps Pattern (PDF) - I scanned my patterns for the ears, wristguards, tail, and kneepads. I made everything out of 5mm craft foam, but any similar material will work.

Vest - I followed Odinia Cosplay's tutorial. I used 5mm craft foam as the base. I cut slits and super glued them together to accomodate my figure more. I sewed velcro onto the 3 attachment sites and covered the entire base with black polyester fabric.

Ears - Gray mix faux fur and light pink short pile fur from Etsy seller Everafterfabrics. I made the pattern based on a Beetlemix's fox ear tutorial. For the structure, I wrapped 10 gauge craft wire around a headband and let it stick out like an antenna. I sewed felt onto the bottomside of the wrapped wire to act as a cushion against my head. For the ears, I sewed 1 piece of pink and 1 piece of gray fabric (slightly wider, but shorter) cut into a rabbit ear shape together. Then I slipped 2mm craft foam inside for structure, and sewed the outside of the ears closed. I left a gap inside, so the wire can slip through. I sewed hairclips going upwards onto the bottom of the ear so that it would clip onto the hair. To wear the ears, I slip the antenna wires into the underside of my wig and put that on my head, then I slip the ears on top and clip it onto the hair.

Tail - I cut out a teardrop shape from gray fur and a slightly shorter, wider shape from white fur. Then I hand-sewed a big safety pin onto the gray fabric for attachment. I sewed the two pieces together, inverted it, and stuffed it with polyfil. Then I hand-sewed the opening closed.

Wristcuff - I used 5mm craft foam and rolled a rectangular piece and super glued the ends together. Then I glued polyester black fabric onto it. I cut out long rectangular pieces of gray 2mm craft foam, mod podged and painted it, and then glued it onto the main piece. Then I slip the cuff onto my wrist.

Kneepads - I cut a piece from 3mm white craft foam and glued that onto a piece of 2mm black craft foam. I sewed clear elastic onto it and then coated them with mod podge and acrylic sealer.

Pants - Skinny jegging pants in navy blue from Amazon.

Belt - Police utility belt from Amazon.

Carrot - Disney's carrot recorder from Amazon.

Contacts - Dolly Eye Blytheye Violet

Debut: A-Kon 2016

Progress Photos

  • Vest front pattern on 5mm craft foam
  • Super gluing parts together
  • Front side of vest
  • Inside view of vest
  • Ear: Wire wrapped around headband with felt sewn over
  • Parts of the ear
  • With craft foam inside already, I bent the ears and sewed it
  • Tail pieces
  • javascript slideshow
  • Hot glue wefts
Vest front pattern on 5mm craft foam1 Super gluing parts together2 Front side of vest3 Inside view of vest4 Ear: Wire wrapped around headband with felt sewn over5 Parts of the ear6 With craft foam inside already, I bent the ears and sewed it7 Tail pieces8 Wrist cuff9 Hot glue wefts10
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