Kagura Sohma from Fruits Basket Cosplay

Kagura Sohma

Tutorial: How to Make Kagura

My friend, CheekerCosplay, wanted to cosplay Tohru and she wanted me to cosplay Kagura with her. Kagura's super cute, so I decided, why not? I really like Cheeker as a friend too. The costume doesn't look too hard to make, and I already had the tights and uggs.

Wig ($12) - Ebay. I trimmed the back and bangs.

Green Dress (~$4) - 1.75 yds with 50% coupon.

White Sleeves (owned already)

Puff Sleeves
Kagura's puff sleeves
These puff sleeves were the hardest part of this costume. After I attached them, the entire costume lifted up, and I have to pull the costume down from time to time. It's also a little tight around the sleevehole area for this reason. That's what I get for not following a pattern.

Cat Plush ($15) - Black Cat Plushies

Contacts (owned already)- Dolly+ Brown

Total Cost: $31

Debut: On-location shoot only

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