Kikyo from Inuyasha Cosplay

Kikyo from Inuyasha Cosplay

When I was young, I hated Kikyo. She didn't make any sense to me, and I even made an AMV "Ugly Girl" in dedication of my hate. But now, 8 years later, I watched Inuyasha: The Final Act, and I finally started to understand her. She's probably one of the most misunderstood characters in anime. She died by the hands of her lover, thinking he betrayed her. Because of this, when she was resurrected, she was full of hate for this lover, and seeing him with her reincarnation certainly didn't make her feel better.

Tutorial: How to Make Kikyo

Wig ($30) - Ebay seller, angel-wig.

Top ($10) - I used a white bedsheet for the outside, and bought some Palentine fabric for the inside of her sleeves. I followed Miccostume's Kikyo tutorial, but altered the sleeves.

I plan on remaking the entire top so that the sleeves can be accurate.

Bottom ($12) - Used broadcloth fabric and followed a hakama tutorial online. I altered the pattern to make it super wide. The pleats took forever to do.

Shoes ($10) - Used my Bleach shoes

Soul Collectors ($8) - Used fleece. I looked at other people's soul collectors and tried to follow their seam lines. I put a thick wire through the main body, and thinner wire into the legs. I used some kind of white felt material for the fins. This took an entire week.

Bow ($40) - I bought the bow from Bowie's outfitters ($30). It was a dark green color, so I had to buy a base spray paint ($5) and brown spray paint ($5).

Arrow ($3) - I bought white goose feathers from Hobby Lobby followed a fletching tutorial. I cut them in half, then used white thread to tie it around the arrow. For the point, I shaped aluminum foil into an arrow shape and then covered it with a thin layer of clay. Then I heated it in the oven and then painted it with gray acrylic. I didn't like my first try, so I remade it.

Total Cost: $113

Debut: Louisianime 2012 in Lafayette, LA

Kikyo progress Kikyo progress Kikyo progress Kikyo progress

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