Konan from Naruto Cosplay

Konan from Pokemon Cosplay

Naruto is one of my favorite animes, and Konan is one of the few female characters in the show. I love that she uses origami as her ninjitsu, because I'm interested in origami as well. I learned how to make paper roses back in high school, before I watched Naruto. She is the only female Akatsuki member, and we both love origami. I had also decided to do the wings because I needed to stand out from all the other Konan cosplayers out there (Naruto is popular, after all!). Ironically, I do not like her that much, even though I do like her design and powers. I wish she played a bigger role in the series.

This costume is the hardest to put on, and the most inconvenient one to wear at a con, but I always wear it anyway, even if people constantly run into my wings. Konan gets really good reception, and there's always Naruto cosplayers to hang out with.

Tutorial: How to Make Konan

Hair ($25) - I bought a long blue black wig off ebay and then cut it. I made a bun by hot glueing the hair that I cut off onto a styrofoam ball. Surprisingly, the Kanekalon fiber did not melt completely.

Paper flower - I followed the Duke Origami Club's modified Kawasaki Rose tutorial on youtube. Then I glued a hair pin onto the bottom of the flower.

Wings ($5)- I followed Jennifer's angel wings tutorial on deviantart and modified a few parts. I started off by making a wing model with notecard paper, just to make sure my concept was correct. I used white poster as a base, and taped clothes hanger wire onto the edges, so the wings could bend. I tied two black ribbons onto the back. Then I cut out sheets of paper and taped it onto the wings, row by row. It took 10 hours.

Cloak ($26) - Ecrater store, Busybuy

Shoes ($1) - Black shoes from a garage sale

Black tights ($5) - Anime convention, Louisianime

Piercing ($5) - At first, I used a magnetic earring from Claire's for the piercing, but this irritated my skin. Then I started using eyelash glue and a Mardi Gras bead.

Total Cost: $62

Debut: Louisianime 2011 in Baton Rouge, LA

Progress Photos

wing model/protype Hair clips on ear Wire behind ear

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