Leafeon from Pokemon Cosplay

Leafeon from Pokemon Cosplay

I love playing the Pokemon games, and Leafeon is my favorite physical sweeper. I wanted to do a gijinka with recognizable features, and a popular one at that. As an Eeveelution, Leafeon's popularity is no question, and the leaves that make up its tail and ears are very unique indeed. I also already had a top and skirt in my closet that would work for this gijinka.

Tutorial: How to Make Leafeon

Hair ($15) - Blonde wig off ebay

Costume - I bought the skirt and top from a garagesale beforehand.

Tail, Ears ($5) - These were made with bedsheets that I had bought from a garage sale. The sheets were dyed with acrylic paint. For the tail, I sewed craft wire and clothes hanger wire to give it shape. For the ears, I sewed craft wire and hair clips onto the dyed bedsheet.

Gloves ($10) - Gloves were bought on ebay, and the leaves on the gloves were sewn on from a fake plant.

Shoes - I owned the shoes already.

Plushie ($10) - Leafeon plushie from ebay

Total Cost: $40

Debut: Louisianime 2011 in Baton Rouge, LA

Progress Photos

painted tail Hair clips on ear Wire behind ear

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