Maya Fey - Ace Attorney Cosplay

Maya Fey Ace Attorney Cosplay

I love Ace Attorney, and Maya is just too adorable! I also think her outfit is really cute.

Tutorial: How to Maya Fey

Wig - Arda Silky Luthien in Onyx. I sectioned some hair out in the back, added 2 rubber bands, and looped it. I used purple scrunchies too.

Cardigan - I used purple polyester fabric from Wal-mart and traced one of my cardigans for the pattern.

Yukata - I traced one of my existing yukata for the measurements and added side darts so it would fit better. I also looked at Cosplay Chronicle's gi tutorial.

Obi - I cut out a long rectangle for the obi and closed it with velcro. The bow has polyfil stuffed inside and snap-ons in the middle so I could snap the two sides of the bow closed.

Hair pieces - I bought table tennis balls and stabbed a whole into it with an x-acto knife. Then I primed and painted it. The wooden beads are from Hobby Lobby.

Wrist piece - I used a swimswear straps tutorial. I made 2 circular loops and connected them with an X.

Magatama - I used sculpey clay. I first drew tha pattern onto cardboard and then traced it onto the clay. Afterwards I painted acrylic gloss on it for the finish.

Geta shoes - I got some black flip flops from Wal-Mart. I cut out rectangle pieces of fabric, put polyfil inside, and wrapped it around the existing piece on the flip-flop. Then I hand sewed the fabric closed around it. I cut out a separate, smaller rectangle for the middle piece and hand sewed it around the polyfil piece.

Contacts - Puffy 3 tones grey

Debut: Anime Matsuri 2017

Progress Photos

  • Cardigan pattern
  • Obi and bow
  • Hair pieces made from table tennis balls
  • Sewing elastic for wrist straps
  • slideshow html
  • Making geta shoes from flip-flops
Cardigan pattern1 Obi and bow2 Hair pieces made from table tennis balls3 Sewing elastic for wrist straps4 Sculpey clay for magatama5 Making geta shoes from flip-flops6
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