Dancer Morgiana from Magi

Morgiana from Magi

Morgiana is a really strong, funny character, and she's so cute! Sometimes she does awkward (but cute) things, which reminds me of myself. When my friend asked me to be the Morgiana for her Magi group, I just had to do this! I was really inspired by other cosplayers who did this same costume, so I figured I'd make one for myself too!

Tutorial: How to Make Morgiana

Wig - Ebay seller, hf920. Already had this from Morgiana's default outfit.

Contacts - Dolly+ Red. Already had these from my Holo cosplay.

Top - I cut out a long rectangle and gathered it in the middle. There is a ring in the middle of my chest to which a piece of golden chain is attached. Sheer white fabric it sewn onto the top and attaches to the dress via snap-ons. The sheer white fabric on the back attaches to both the top and bottom via snap-ons.

Dress ($30) - It's a full circle skirt with 2 slits in the front. I cut out a rectangle piece of fabric, folded it in, and attached that to the dress with snap-ons.<

Necklace ($1) - 3mm craft foam that has been mod podged, painted with acrylic, then with floor wax. It attaches via velcro (sewn on).

Wrist Cuff and Anklets ($1) - 5mm craft foam with 3mm for the borders. It has been mod podged, painted with acrylic, and then with floor wax. Then I added some brown paint and smudged that to add weathering and shading.

Headband ($1) - I sewed leftover gold fabric onto a $1 headband from Dollar Tree. Then I painted it with gold acrylic and glued some Mardi Gras gold necklace on top.

For the petals, I cut out petals from craft foam, coated them with floor wax, then stringed them together. I used my clay tool to draw on the large petal and leave an impression. I painted the large petal with gold acrylic paint, and went over the impressions with brown paint. I stabbed a hole through the top of the petal with a fake blue flower, followed by a pink one.

  • Craft foam for wrist cuffs
  • Attach with velcro
  • Mod podge
  • Added acrylic paint and floor wax
  • Cut out craft foam pieces into petals
  • Headband
  • slideshow jquery
  • Dress pattern
Craft foam for wrist cuffs1 Attach with velcro2 Mod podge3 Added acrylic paint and floor wax4 Cut out craft foam pieces into petals5 Headband6 7 Stick flower in8 Dress pattern9
bootstrap slider by v8.2

Total Cost: $33

Debut: Mechacon 2014



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