Nami from One Piece (East Blue)

Nami from One Piece Cosplay

I really love Nami's cunningness and intelligence, and when I saw someone selling it for cheap on deviantart, I just had to buy it. I already had the wig and weather stick too.

Tutorial: How to Make Nami

Wig - Ebay seller, susan-kingdom. I owned this wig already.

Top ($10) - I bought it used from a cosplayer on deviantart.

Skirt ($5) - I bought yellow stretchy fabric from Joann's, at the discount bin. I bought wooden bracelets at a thrift store for the circles, and white and brown felt so I could sew it around the bracelets. I sewed the white felt onto the bracelet to cover it, the brown felt to the bracelet, and then the brown felt onto the yellow skirt. I used an elastic waistband.

Weatherstick - Owned already

Log pose - Commissioned Kojika. Owned already.

Shoes - I borrowed a friend's boots

Contacts - Dolly+ Grey (same as Vivi's). Owned already.

Total Cost: $15

Debut: Mechacon 2013

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