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Nami New World Time Skip One Piece Cosplay

I love One Piece, and Nami is really beautiful and cool! I wanted to cosplay with my friend as Carrot, and figured these were the easiest outfits to do. Nami wears this in the first half of the Mink arc.

Tutorial: How to Make Mink arc Nami

Wig - Arda Silky Luthien in Amber. I cut the bangs.

Top - I used two white shirts as a base. I cut off the sleeves and sewed black ric rac ribbon on the top portion. I made the straps using Emerald's swimwear straps tutorial. The bottom half of the top has a fishline hem. Fishline is only $3 for 500 yds at Walmart, so this was much cheaper than horsehair braid.

Skirt - Red knit fabric from Joann. I made 2 full circle skirts with a fishline hem and layered the shorter one on top of the longer one.

Log Pose - I bought 3 plastic round domes from the game machines at Walmart and used the top part. I cut out a compass arrow shape from a plastic container and painted it white and red. Then I stuck a pin into the arrow and glued it onto the round container. I bought wooden circles from Hobby Lobby and painted it yellow with blue circles. I bought a wooden cuff and painted it yellow too. Then I glued the round containers onto the wooden circle, and that onto the wooden cuff. I wrapped some white elastic around my wrist to find the circumference of my wrist and sewed that together to make a loop. Then I fabric glued the white elastic onto the inside of the wooden cuff. This will keep the wooden cuff taut on my wrist even though it was bigger.

Jewelry - I bought white clip-on earrings from Claire's and golden bracelet from Forever 21.

Tattoo - I made my own using Joann's temporary tattoo paper.

Contacts - Barbie Gossip 3 Tones Brown from Uniqso

Debut: On-location only

Progress Photos

  • Fishing line hem
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  • Skirt with fishing line hem
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