Nami from One Piece (Enies Lobby)

Nami from One Piece Cosplay

I really love Nami's cunningness and intelligence, and when I found out my family was going to Grand Isle for crabbing, I just had to do Nami! I wanted to make a simple costume for once, and I still needed to learn how to make pleated skirts, so this was a great idea.

Tutorial: How to Make Nami

Wig ($20) - Ebay seller, susan-kingdom. I trimmed it a bit.

Top ($10) - Used knit brown fabric. I traced one of my crop tops, and took in the chest area a bit. I sewed a tan fleece strip of fabric onto the top. It closes with velcro.

Skirt ($5) - I followed losertastic124's pleated skirt tutorial. I had to connect the skirt twice because I ran out of fabric.

Weatherstick ($15) - I bought 2 small wooden rod sticks, and 1 big rod stick. I bought styrofoam balls, and then stabbed them with pencils on opposite sides until I could fit the wooden sticks in it. I sprayed a base paint, blue paint, and a matte finish paint.

Log pose ($20) - Commissioned Kojika

Shoes - Used a pair of shoes that I owned already.

Contacts - Dolly+ Grey (same as nami's)

Total Cost: $70

Debut: None (Photoshoot only, Grand Isle 2012)

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Photographer: Mr Cheng
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