Rukia - Bleach Cosplay

Rukia from Bleach Cosplay

Rukia is my favorite character from Bleach, and I've always admired her strong personality. I'm also a die hard IchiRukia fan. I've always pushed this cosplay aside, because of my height (I'm 5'4", she's 4'8"). But I eventually gave in when I saw Rukia help Ichigo again after he lost his powers. I also figured that since we were both Asian, I can probably still pull her off. The reception I get for her is great, and the costume is very comfy. I just love it when people tell me I look like her! ^///^

Ironically, everything about this costume is bought, though I did style the wig. I guess looking like the character can be just as important as hand making a costume.

Tutorial: How to Make Rukia

Costume ($40) - ecrater seller, entercos

Wig ($23) - Ebay seller, susan-kingdom. It came unstyled, so I used Got-2-Be gel to style in the bangs and curls. I restyle the wig everytime I wear it.

Shoes + socks ($12) - online store, M size. The shoe is a little big, and it is hard to walk in.

Contacts ($22) - G&G BT02 Violet

Total Cost: $97

Debut: Louisianime 2012 in Lafayette, LA

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