Serena - Pokemon XY Cosplay

Serena from Pokemon XY Cosplay

Serena's outfit is so cute and fashionable, and even have pockets. I'm a big fan of the Pokemon DS games, so I've always wanted to cosplay someone.

Tutorial: How to Make Serena

Wig ($16)- Ebay seller zhu0808ww

Megaring ($18) - Ebay seller buzztoy2007

Fennekin Plush ($30) - TOMY on Amazon

Fletchling - I used garden wire and newspaper as the base, then added paper mache, gesso and paint.

Puffballs - I used a styrofoam ball (already owned) as a base and added paper mache and paint.

Shirt ($3) - I bought a huge grey shirt from Family Dollar and traced my tank-top onto it. Then I cut it out and sewed the sides together.

Skirt ($10)- Brought red cotton fabric from Walmart and made a pleated skirt with pockets on the sides. I made a red belt with big red buttons on it.

Contacts ($10) - Puffy 3 Tones Grey from

Love Ball ($40) - Bought from FluxTideDesigns on Etsy

Shoes - I painted my sneakers with fabric paint and bought black shoelaces.

Debut: Photoshoot only

Progress Photos

  • Shirt and skirt
  • html slideshow
  • Paper mache Fletchling
Shirt and skirt1 Purse2 Paper mache Fletchling3
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