Shirayuki - Snow White with the Red Hair (Akagami no Shirayukihime) Cosplay

Shirayuki from Snow White with the Red Hair Cosplay

I love Shirayuki's earnestness and her determination to better herself. She's also very studious and tries her best. She really inspires me to achieve more.

Tutorial: How to Make Shirayuki

Wig ($14)- Medium bob red wig by Ebay seller pcaixiang. I cut the bangs and straightened it a bit. No trim necessary.

Magenta stretch jersey fabric ($13) - Etsy seller FabricsUniverse. I traced a stretchy shirt over the fabric and used that as a template. I took in the sides. The top part unbuttons.

White pearl buttons ($7) - Etsy seller CharendaRoom

Dress - I used old bedsheet fabric. I used Simplicity pattern 4015 for the top part of the dress and modified it. Then I added a half circle skirt to the bottom.

Contacts - Dolly+ Green

Belt ($5) - Bought a tapestry fabric from Walmart. I hand-sewed hooks onto the ends.

Necklace - I used sculpey clay and a piece of plastic. I painted the clay and weathered it.

Boot Covers ($10) - I used tapestry fabric from Walmart and traced around my foot. I used interfacing to make it stiff. It closes with Velcro. More details on my boot cover tutorial page.

Debut: Photoshoot only

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