Taiwan from Hetalia Cosplay

Taiwan from Hetalia Cosplay

I wanted to do a Hetalia cosplay, and Taiwan is one of the only female characters. Taiwan is the closest thing to China (I'm Chinese). She also wears a beautiful Chinese dress.

Tutorial: How to Make Taiwan APH

Wig ($9) - Long dark brown wig from ebay seller, shoes.kingdom. I used wire and my own hair to make the ahoge.

Ahoge for APH Taiwan

Costume ($80) - Ebay seller, icosoo

Parasol - I already owned the parasol, which was bought from a garage sale beforehand

Head accessory ($22)- Pink flower from Claire's and yellow strings from a bookmark at my college bookstore.

Total Cost: $111

Debut: Louisianime 2011 in Baton Rouge, LA

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Photographer: Anomaly 13


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