Utau Hoshina - Shugo Chara Cosplay

Utau Hoshina Cosplay

I really admire Utau and her perseverance. She works so hard, and I just love her haughty attitude. She's also very caring.

Tutorial: How to Make Utau

Wig ($20) - Ebay seller

Costume ($20?) - Dress fabric from Joanne's

Contacts ($10) - Puffy 3 Tones Violet

  • Puffed sleeves
  • Zipper in back
  • Interfacing on collars
  • Collar
  • Collar with bias tape
  • Round bias tape on dress
  • Corset pattern
  • Corset
  • Wire frame for wing
  • Covering frame with felt
  • Felt-wire skeleton
  • Cut wings from fabric
  • Used fire to seal the edges
  • css slideshow
  • Finished wings
Puffed sleeves1 Zipper in back2 Interfacing on collars3 Collar4 Collar with bias tape5 Round bias tape on dress6 Corset pattern7 Corset8 Wire frame for wing9 Covering frame with felt10 Felt-wire skeleton11 Cut wings from fabric12 Used fire to seal the edges13 Hand-sewed fabric to frame with curved wire14 Finished wings15
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Debut: Photoshoot only

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