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I had a friend who did Nami's Alabasta outfit, so I wanted to match her Nami with a Vivi cosplay. Turns out we couldn't cosplay together, but I decided to finish the costume anyway. I do plan on doing this with an Alabasta Nami someday though! Unfortunately, only one or two people recognized me at the con, but it was a nice costume anyway.

Tutorial: How to Make Vivi

Wig ($50) - Arda wig, Jeannie

Top ($10) - I made a bra cover out of dark blue knit fabric. Attached via velcro straps.

Top part
I cut out shapes from stretchy pink fabric (old jacket), and then sewed them on with a zig-zag stitch. I used pink bias tape for the edges.

Dress ($8) - I used blue lining fabric for the circle skirt, and the same blue knit fabric (from the top). I sewed the frills onto the top of the skirt.

Shoes (3) - Thrift store

Contacts ($22) - Dolly+ Grey

Total Cost: $93

Debut: A-Kon 2012 in Dallas, TX

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