Vulpix gijinka from Pokemon


My Lawrence cosplayer wanted to do Ninetails, so I decided to do Vulpix to match him! I've always had a soft spot for the fire fox anyway.

Tutorial: How to Make Vulpix

Wig - Ebay. This is my old Holo wig that I had cut.

Top ($3) - Bought this in L size from a thrift store, and then took in the sides to make it smaller.

Skirt - Owned it already.

Ears ($6) - Sewed long brown fur and black felt around craft foam. I followed a youtube tutorial. The ears are attached via hair clips. I made the Ninetails ear the same way.

Tail ($15) - Check out Vulpix Tail tutorial.

Total Cost: $24

Debut: Anime Matsuri 2012 in Houston, TX

Image Gallery

Cosplayers: DrifterFreed as Ninetails



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