Summoner Yuna from Final Fantasy X (FFX)

Yuna Cosplay

Yuna's my favorite character in FFX, and I really identify with her. There was a point in my life where I was continueing a path that I chose for myself, even though it was not what I wanted anymore. Her character helped guide me through that time.

Tutorial: How to Make Yuna

Wig ($14) - Ebay seller supermallchi99. I also curled it, and left it under the sun for a while on a cup so that the heat would mold the shape. The wig was not as thick as the ebay picture though, so I had to glue on wefts. I had found these $1 wefts in the thrift store from earlier. The wefts gave my wig that extra bounce.

Costume ($70) - Etsy seller GoodVibesAndCosplay. I bought a partially-completed costume from a cosplayer. I had to repaint the dress and take in the whole costume so that it would fit me.

Dress ($10) - I bought white and pink fabric paint and repainted all the stars on the skirt. I also added a button to it.

Hibiscus - I cut out the shape of the hibiscus with craft foam, drew out details in pencil, mod podged, then painted. I sealed it with mod podge and floor wax.

Mesh - I used mesh from a previous project to stiffen the obi.

Top ($15) - I redid Yuna's top twice, with different fabrics. I ended up going with a stretchy white fabric (swimmer's wear, apparently) in the shape of a rectangle.

Bracelet ($3) - I bought a pearl necklace from Vegas.

Necklace ($7) - Ebay seller ufo8cat.

Earring and Hibiscus beads ($10) - Etsy seller cosplaycloset.

Blue tassels ($5) - Etsy seller ShiShisBoutique. I didn't like the tassels that came with my earring/bead order, so I ordered some from here.

Ring ($15) - Ebay seller another_me_store.

Staff ($25) - I bought paint and gesso to make the staff. Detailed tutorial on staff here. The tassel was $5 from Joann's.

Contacts - I reused my contacts from my Ranma and Sakura cosplay.

  • Added wefts to give the wig more bounce
  • Used curlers and left it out under the sun for a bit.
  • Cups to hold hair in place
  • content slider
  • Repainted the stars with fabric paint.
Added wefts to give the wig more bounce1 Used curlers and left it out under the sun for a bit.2 Cups to hold hair in place 3 Hisbiscus made from craft foam4 Repainted the stars with fabric paint.5
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Total Cost: $174

Debut: A-Kon 2014

Photographer: Fairy Panda(editing by me)


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