Asuna Alfheim ALO Fairy Outfit Cosplay Tutorial

Here's my tutorial on making Asuna Yuuki's ALO outfit from Sword Art Online.


Inside Top

Cut the middle section of a white t-shirt. Sew in the top side. I tucked the bottom side under my bra.

Outside Top

Cut out one long piece of fabric that will wrap around your chest.

Cut lining out the same way, and sew the lining and main fabric together. Make sure you snip the points of the zig-zag to relieve stress.

Cut out red fabric 2x as long as the white top, and fold it in half and take in the edges. Now we have red bias tape! Pin this onto the white top.

Sew the red bias tape onto the white top like so:


I used a white headband for this, but any white fabric will work. Sew lace on top of the fabric. For the neckpiece, sew snap-ons (or velcro) onto the edge for enclosure. Make sure it wraps around your entire neck. (For the armbands, sew the ends together with a zig-zag stitch instead of snap-ons or velcro)

For the portion connecting the neckpiece and inside top, I put some clear plastic wrap on my mannequin, and used a sharpie to draw on the design. You can put this on your own body if you don't have a mannequin and draw it on with a mirror too. Then I cut it out and traced it onto fabric. I extended it a bit because my boobs are bigger than my mannequin's. Sew this onto the neckpiece and inside top (yellow arrows).


Make a half circle skirt for the main portion of the skirt and for the smaller skirt on top. I used (hip)/3.14-1.5, but you can use this circle skirt calculator online. I used my hip measurement (not waist) because the dress hangs off Asuna's hip.

I folded the fabric in half and proceeded to use my tape measure to make a circle.

After hemming the edges, I pulled the skirt together into a circle. I folded the pointy part of the skirt inside and sewed the remaining part together. I did the same thing for the smaller skirt on top. I added a waistband onto the top.

For the pleated portion of the bottom part of the dress, I cut off a long piece of fabric and pleated it so that it would fit the bottom of the dress. I went with big pleats. Below is a picture of me pinning the pleats down after hemming the top and bottom.

For the wrap around her hip, I cut off a long piece of white fabric and folded it like a fan. I pulled it around my hip and figured out where it would connect (tail of red arrow). I then sewed this connecting portion together. I added a button to one side and a buttonhole to the other side, indicated by the red line and flower in the diagram below. (Snap-ons can be used instead, but I used buttons because I had some lying around)

Make sure the button is facing the button-hole!

The dress should look something like this. (I just tied the wrap around. This was before I added the button)

For the bow in the back, I cut out 2 pieces of fabric: a small rectangle A and a longer rectangle B that was cut almost in half. Wrap A around C and then sew A to the dress. It will look like a pretty bow when hanged.

Leg Bands

Use white elastic bands for the leg bands. Pull it around from the back, cross up front, and overlap in the back.

This is what the finished leg band will look like. It's pinned in place now, but make sure you sew it down with a flexible stitch (eg zig-zag).

This is what all 4 leg bands should look like.

You should be able to slip them on easily:


I followed Flying-Fox's fairy wing tutorial and bought the Fantasy Film from Art Glitter.

First, I cut out a paper pattern of the wing. I scaled it to size. Then I put 12 gauge wire over my pattern, and shaped it accordingly. I then traced the pattern over Fantasy Film and cut that out 1" bigger than my pattern. The sn I glued the Fantasy Film over the gauge wire. Make sure to use textbooks or something heavy to make the wire touch the film.

I made a square wire frame for the middle. I used clear bra straps so I can hook it around my arms.

I folded the Fantasy Film over the wire and then ironed the folded-over part down. The iron will melt the film onto the other side of the film, as if it were glue.

The right side is not melted, while the left side is melted. When the film melts, it will crinkle and become stronger.

This is what the wing will look like when it's completely melted:

For the parts that cannot be folded over, you can take another piece of film and overlap it like so:

You may have to cut slits for rounded corners:

My wing's almost done! The top half has been ironed (it's crinkly), while the bottom half hasn't been:

Hair Accessory

I cut off a piece of white bedsheet with lace at the end and sewed it as a triangle. I sewed a hair clip onto it.


Fabric ($30) - White satin fabric and lining.

Elf ears ($32) - IlGiardinodiWolfy's etsy store

Wire 12 gauge ($12) - Amazon

Fantasy Film ($30) -

Wig - Ebay seller, Beadsweb. (Already owned from SAO outfit)

Contacts- Geo Starmish Brown Princess Mimi XKP-304 (Already owned from SAO outfit)

Total Cost: $104

Finished *

Congrats! You should be done making Asuna now. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


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