Ruler Tutorial: How to Make Swim Swim's Weapon - Magical Girl Raising Project Cosplay

Here are my construction notes (WIP) for Swim Swim's scythe weapon, Ruler. Some principles can be applied to other scythes.


Material List

ruler ruler
Overview: First, I screencapped the weapon from various point of views. This way, I could see exactly what I had to make. The main rod will be pvc pipe, and it will be split into 3 sections: head, middle, and end. The pieces will be joined with pvc connector and a wooden dowel. The head will be made with cardboard and paper mache, and the petals will be made with craft foam. The middle will have 3 S-shapes made from wire and sculpey clay. The end will have a ring made from sculpey and a wooden sphere.
Fig. 1: Sketchup blueprint
I made a Sketchup file of Ruler and printed it out on paper. The main piece had to be 1" wider.
Fig. 2: Ruler head cardboard support
I traced the blueprint onto cardboard and cut out 2 copies. I put wire and cardboard circles onto the cardboard for support. Then I placed PVC pipe inbetween the cardboard and sandwiched everything together. This will serve as the backbone of the weapon head.
Fig. 3: Petals made from craft foam
I cut petal shapes from craft foam, curved it slightly with a heat gun, and cement glued them around the base of the neck of the scythe head.
Fig. 4: Ruler head scotch tape and paper mache
I put scotch tape around the whole head and glued the petals on. Then I added 4 layers of paper mache (1 cup flour:2 cups water with a dash of salt), and then added mod podge and several layers of gesso.
Fig. 5: Painting the head
I mixed pink acrylic paint with white until I got a pink color. Then I painted several layers of it on the head. Using painter's tape, I masked off the sharp part and painted that part silver with acrylic.

After cutting the pvc pipe into 3 pieces and putting the pvc connectors on, I spray painted it. I sprayed several layers of primer, then the purple spray paint and some gloss. I slid the pipes onto garden sticks as I painted them.

Fig. 6: Wire
I shaped wire into S-shapes and covered it with sculpey clay (not shown). Then I wet sanded it. I used E6000 to glue it onto the PVC pipe. I used painter's tape to hold it in place as it dried.
Fig. 7: Bottom of scythe
I made a ring out of sculpey clay and slipped it onto the end of the pvc pipe. Then I stuck a wooden dowel, wrapped in scotch tape for a better fit, into the pvc pipe. I used a hand drill to make a small hole in the wooden dowel, and put a toothpick into that hole. This toothpick will also go into the hole in the wooden sphere I will be using (not shown).
Fig. 8: PVC connector and wooden dowel
To connect the 3 pieces together, I used a pvc connector. I glued the pvc connector onto one side. I wrapped some scotch tape around the middle of the wooden dowel so it would fit better. Then I slipped it into the pvc pipe.

After all the pieces were done, I tested them to make sure they were separable, and that nothing flew off if I swang it around.



Photo: M3 Photography


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